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Visual Mode

Adding elements like photos and tables are probably easiest done in Visual Mode, but you can switch to Source Mode in order to edit the underlying source code. For greater control over what appears in the wiki, you can use source mode to directly edit the wiki.


To add a link to a page, simply put it in double brackets like this: [[Acid Elemental]]. This results in Acid Elemental. Note you can link to pages that don't exist -- this is a great way to suggest pages be made.

If you want the text to link to a different page, you can add a pipe link, like this: [[Acid Elemental| Acid Elemental is Cool]]. This produces Acid Elemental is Cool.


In some cases, you may want one page to redirect to another. For example, if you wanted a link like [[Ambling Ninja] to go to the Ambling Frond page instead, simply write #REDIRECT [[Ambling Frond]] on the Ambling Ninja page. This works well to send pages with similar titles to the main article.


To add a page to a category, you can use the Visual mode editor, or simply add the link to the category on the page. (It won't appear as a normal link.) For example, [[Category:New User Guide]] will add the page to the New User Guide category. You can also use the Visual Mode editor to remove categories.


To use a template, enclose the name of the template in curly braces, like this: {{Passive Ability}}. A list of templates specific to this wiki can be found at Templates Available.

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