Voil Guide, from a BattleGroup perspective disclaimer: this is just scratching the surface, and I'm less experienced as a player than as a collector.

Advantages: flying, multiple damage types, can work as a themed battlegroup Disadvantages: limited options like any theme,

Voil Champs

Lance Admiral Sceian: 107 nora, Rise of Serkan exotic.

advantages: high damage, good defense, boosts other units

disadvantages: high nora cost, FF only, unequippable

Voil Bomber: 78 nora, Drums of War common

adv: bombs have knockback, can learn mobility, can shatter equipment

dis: physical damage only, below average damage

Voil Courier: 72 nora, runeforge only

advantages: deflect, range 1-3, good upgrades

disadvantages: hard to obtain, limit 1 per BG

Voil Frenzy: 72 nora, Skeezick Rebellion common

advantages: high damage potential, high speed

disadvantages: works best when injured

Voil Imperialist: 74 nora, Maljaran War common

adv: Iron Will for all, strong defense, boosts voils, cheaper than Sceian, range 1-2

dis: speed 5

Voil King Ruubgaal: 97 nora, Heroes of Maljara exotic

adv: greatly boosts lightning BGs, has Boon of the Undead

dis: requires a SP/X or FW/X split battlegroup, costs as much as it's worth

Voil Lancer: 66 nora, Shattered Peaks common

adv: cheap, can ignore defense, never misses

dis: melee only, low hp, below average damage

Voil Lifestealer: 75 nora, Path to Conquest common

adv: can heal self, has mobility, high speed

dis: melee only, many vulnerabilities

Voil Queen: 74 nora, Shattered Peaks rare

adv: summons bats, can learn Surge: Voil

dis: melee only, bats have at most 10 hp

Voil Screecher: 68 nora, Shattered Peaks common

adv: good damage, good range, alternate damage type, can dodge

dis: below average hp, average speed

Voil Sky Captain: 73 nora, Dire Covenant common

adv: great against non-fliers, can learn assault and/or channel speed

dis: reduces allies' defense, no ranged ability

Voil Sorcerer: 80 nora, Grimlic's Descent rare

adv: good damage potential (surge: voil), good range, can explode (death nova)

dis: high cost, requires melee support

Voil Stormflyer: 90 nora, Broodcall rare

adv: heals quickly, strong electrical damage

dis: high cost, harder to get than many exotics

Voil Transporter: 63 nora, Drums of War uncommon

adv: teleports units for strategic placement, can learn mobility

dis: bad combat stats

Voil Windstriker: 82 nora, Ancient Awakenings uncommon

adv: kills enemy fliers, huge damage potential

dis: melee only, expensive

auxiliary champs

Bat Swam: 62 nora, Shattered Peaks rare

adv: much tougher than summoned bats, swarms itself

dis: melee only, 36 hp

Cavernkeeper: 38 nora, Path to Conquest common

adv: works as first aid station, immune to damage if next to a voil, is cheap

dis: low damage, easily killed without voil, is Voil Bound

Voil Progenitor: 115 nora, Nora Surge exotic

adv: high toughness, summons bats, works in multi-race SP

dis: high cost, works best in multi-race SP

Firebomber: 71 nora, Drums of War rare

adv: counts as a bat (and a moga), provides Fire damage, can lay traps

dis: vulnerable: Magic, below average damage

Spells, Relics, Equipment

This section needs some help. I don't use most of these personally. Most Voil decks use additional, non-voil runes.

Defend the Roost: 35 nora spell, Nora Surge common

teleports voil back to shrine and summons two small bats

Wings of Steel: 30 nora spell, Dire Covenant uncommon

takes away voils' flight, but boosts their defense

Voil Caverns: 40 nora relic, Broodcall common

grants Refuge to voils, unless it is destroyed

Voil King's Crypt: 60 nora relic, Heroes of Maljara uncommon

summons Bat Swarms, up to three times. see Bat Swarm champ

Sacred Peaks Amulet: 30 nora equipment, limited edition or rune forge

grants voils Battlemaster, grants moga or cyclops other abilities

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