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    Claw of the Coven

    August 23, 2013 by Shimaru


    Browsing through the internet, looking after information about Pox Nora history, I came to find something interesting. I found a pic that was done by Anthony Lopes, an artist who have been working with Octopi (original owners of Pox Nora), Sony online and O.W.L.S., and is also responsible of the Rip Witch rune art. 

    The interesting thing is the 'copyright' (Sony Online Entertainment 2013), as well as the name of the archive (Claw of the coven), which probably refers to Elsari Coven. If I am right, both things indicate this pic is the unused art for a rune in Pox Nora.

    Personally, I want to believe this potential new rune is tailored to fit in the Witch theme, but, that is something we will know eventually.

    Also, probably will start workin…

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