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Radarx Radarx 19 June 2013

Producer's Letter 06.18.2013

Hi All,

We have had a rough couple of weeks banging through some pesky bugs, and as many of you have noticed, when we roll out a patch for them, sometimes other things end up breaking. In fact, some of you may even think or have posted, “The devs are slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter.” I can appreciate that point of view as a gamer myself because peanut butter can really slow turtles down. And living in this day and age where we can get our hands on things instantly it’s simply no fun waiting for a development team to fix bugs on a game that many of you have spent your hard earned cash on. But the point to focus on, is that we’re rolling out fixes as quickly as we can.

If I could direct your attention to the imag…

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