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Target champion gains Resistance Physical 3 and Regeneration 3 (At the beginning of your turn, this unit gains 6 HP). If the target is a Plant or a Treefolk, it also gains +3 DEF.

Nora Cost: Expansion


Wild Alliance

Faction Artist

K'thir Forest

Matt Dixon




Tree Folk's Blessing (or TFB) is a spell most effective when cast on a champion with race Treefolk or race Plant, since doing so grants the target 3 DEF, in addition to the spells normal effects.  For Treefolk, which gain +2 DEF from Take Root, gaining the effects of TFB can often bring DEF as high as 8, granting outright immunity to minor attacks.

Since Physical damage is the most common damage type in Poxnora, the resistance granted by TFB, along with 3 ranks of Regeneration, can make even non-Treefolk tanky against many opponents.

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