Treefolk are one of many races occupying the Poxnora universe. Treefolk are primarily found in the K'thir Forest.  There are 16 Treefolk across all factions.

The Treefolk champions usually have the ability Take Root. Some of the champions with race Treefolk also have the race Plant.

Lore[edit | edit source]


Rune Interactions[edit | edit source]

The next abilities, spells, relics or equipment mentions the race Treefolk on their description.

Table of all Treefolk[edit | edit source]

Bogwood Mireoak
Deadwood Strider
Gnarlwood Grappler
Gnarlwood Launcher
Gnarlwood Lifegiver
Gnarlwood Oakthumper
Gnarlwood Patriarch
Gnarlwood Tanglefoot
Gnarlwood Willowind
K'thun the Ancient
Oaken Defender
Tainted Vinecreeper
Twisted Fireoak
Wood Elemental

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