"We left a few presents for the slobberyaps. Also, you should mind yer step in the Wilds." - Aimen Redeye, Tortun Minelayer

Tortun Minelayer
Stats Basic Info

Damage: 11
Speed: 5
Range: 1
Defense: 3
Hit Points: 48
Nora Cost: 68

Faction: Forglar Swamp
K'thir Forest
Race: Tortun
Class: Warrior
Size: 1x1
Expansion: Maljaran War
Artist: Matt Dixon

Abilities Upgrade set 1 Upgrade set 2

Attack: Physical
Deploy Land Mine
Tortun Shell

Explosive Attack 1
Explosive Attack 2
Explosive Attack 3

Lay Trap: Boulder 1
Lay Trap: Boulder 2
Lay Trap: Boulder 3

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One of the cheapest tortun, he’s one of your sources of detection and he’s a lot cheaper than the corsair. He also provides a deployable land mine to bother your enemy a little. One of his upgrades should be exertion to help with his low speed and to help this champion to be useful at least as a font capper, the other can be used to bother your enemy further with more traps or to increase his less than impressive damage output with explosive attack. His 5 speed hinders him a lot and only is useful if you want to use him as a cheap detection source and to increase your chances of capping fonts first turn, exertion can occasionally get you a font in the same turn minelayer is deployed.

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Exertion 2 replaces Accrue upgrade

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