Tortun Broadside

Tortuns are one of many races occupying the Poxnora universe. Forglar Swamp, K'thir Forest, Sundered Lands and Forsaken Wastes all have access to the Tortun race. The Tortuns are one of the four maljaran races, first released in the Maljaran Frontier expansion.

The Tortun race grants the following racial abilities: Ponderous, Turtle, and Tortun's Trade. Tortun Bokor it's the only tortun that does not have Tortun's Trade on base, having it on upgrades.

Tortun are Split Champions (with the exception of the Tortun Bokor), belonging chiefly to the Forglar Swamp and K'thir Forest  factions.  Mangleshell belongs to Sundered Lands and Forglar Swamp, and the Tortun Bokor belongs exclusively to the Forsaken Wastes faction.

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