Little equals the torment of a priest, risen undead to a time when their religion has long been forgotten. Their souls long since departed, their never-ending pain now echoes throughout the Waste.

File:Tormented Priest.jpg
Stats Basic Info

Damage: 9
Speed: 6
Range: 3-5
Defense: 0
Hit Points: 40
Nora Cost: 75

Faction: Forsaken Wastes
Race: Lich
Race: Skeleton
Race: Undead
Class: Priest
Size: 1x1
Expansion: Grimlic's Descent
Artist: Gabriel Garza

Abilities Upgrade set 1 Upgrade set 2

Attack: Physical
Boon of the Undead
Dark Healing

Afflict 1
Afflict 2

Boost: Skeleton 1
Boost: Skeleton 2
Boost: Skeleton 3

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