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    Hey, I have noticed there is a lot (and I mean a real LOT) of pages that have under 'artist' a 'category: artist' link, rather than the name directing at the pages. Obviously, said page doesn't exists, and I have spend some time changing it. Then I remembered the whole 'glossary of abilities' page, so I came here.

    What is the official stance on this?

    It would be better to create a 'category' page and drop the individual pages I have been working, or a bot could be run to change all those Jakub Kasper to merely Jakub Kasper

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    • I'm not sure there is an official stance on this in particular. The reason for categories is that they would list all the runes by a particular author. However, this makes less sense in this case -- we can change that. Post it on User:Xibot's wall so I have the suggestions all in one place. 

      In general these sorts of things are flexible, so I can implement suggestions you have. However since any changes you make to Stats will get overwritten when the page is updated, I would have to change how the bot writes up pages. (This includes converting specific words to links.)

      In other cases, there is usually a workaround -- for example, if you have a separate page already created for a category, you can transclude it in to the category. For example, see Category:Loss of Life which transcludes the page Loss of Life and click Source Mode.

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    • This appears to be an issue with spells, relics, and equipment. I changed it so these runes will no longer have this issue when updated, but I haven't updated the pages yet.

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