• Hey, I was thinking if it could be possible to change one of the squares in the main wiki page to something to include the abilities organized by categories, or a more broad "help with deckbuilding" were we can include the ability category index, example decks and maybe some guide to basic deckbuilding. maybe the "new user info" could be merged with "how can you help" to gain some room.

    Also, could you share the tool you use to tabulate the decks?

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    • Sure, I can share the source code but you'll need a Python interpreter to run it. (These are free to download, but it's a big download.) Also, you'll have to enter the deck as a text file, broken down by type.

      You can either put a link in the Browse Runes page at or make Browse Runes on the front page link to whatever page you have listing the categories and just link to the Runes category from there.

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