Skeezick RebellionAugment

Skeezick rebellion is the fourth expansion, released under Octopi, LLC administration the Wednesday 29-August-2007. The expansion itself was released on 22-august and only premium player could play with the new runes. One week, it was made available for all public in general.

Notable featuresAugment

  • The rune crafter was released on this expansion. By using recipes and runes, players could combine and craft old runes into new one, and this was originally the only way to acquire the Diplomat champions. 
  • With the rune crafter release, the recipes to craft the Warbanner were made available, expanding the options to obtain said relics to all the players.
  • Diplomat champions were released on this expansion along with the rune crafter.
  • The campaign 'Skeezick Rebellion' was released on this same expansion.


  • Previous to the expansion release, Octopi, LLC held a contest. Whoever earned the most ranked points which each faction would win a Diplomat champion of their respective faction. 
  • It was announced an improvement to the matchmaking system, so the ranked would be improved.

Runes included on this setAugment

Forglar SwampAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Bloated Toad
Boghopper Elite
Electric Eel
Firk Diplomat
Fly Catcher
Glowing Slider
Screaming Leviathan
Tide Master
Soak the Earth Sacred Temple Firk Mask

Forsaken WastesAugment

Champions Spell Relic Equipment
Afflicted Corpse
Dark Messenger
Death Guard
Skeezick Boneblade
Skeletal Berserker
Spectral Emissary
Tomb Lord
Drain the Earth
Ghostly Visage
Cursed Temple Ethereal Mindshank

Ironfist StrongholdAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Demolition Team
Dwarven Mogaslicer
Dwarven Sharpshooter
Groble Rock Eater
Half Skeezick
Ironfist Minister
Ironfist Minister
Mountain Sentry
Consecrate the Earth
Spell Ward
Earthshaker Heavy Crossbow

K'thir ForestAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Elven Artisan
Elven Druid
Enraged Grizzly
Garu Cub
Spirit Singer
Woodland Diplomat
Cultivate The Earth
Herbal Antidote
Spontaneous Growth
Thorn Collection
[None] Barbed Vine Leash

Savage TundraAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Arctic Delegate
Ice Golem
Ice Wurm
Jakei Shaman
Polar Ant
Tracker Gnark
Wizened Wren
Freeze the Earth
Nora Freeze
Threads of Ice
[None] Mirrored Shield

Shattered PeaksAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Cyclops Earthshaker
Dirge, Moga Lord
G'hern Isangoma
Moga Cannon
Mud Elemental
Savage Boar
Voil Courier
Voil Frenzy
Crack the Earth
Swimming Lessons
[None] Idol of Elements
Mammoth Club

Sundered LandsAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Acid Dragoleech
Draksar Consulate
Draksar Hunter
Flame Dragoleech
Skeezick Alchemist
Skeezick Dragonslayer
Skeezick General
Skeezick Rioter
Skeezick Sniper
Skithmaw Hunter
March of the Skeezick
Skeezick Revolt
[None] Skeezick Blade


Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Abyssal Fiend
Deep Elf Fanatic
Deep Elf Ritualist
Deep Elf Summoner
Nefari Messenger
Nefari Siphon
Rust Demon
Blood for Mortar
Dark Pact
Scorch the Earth
Mindslicer Obelisk Scepter of Onus
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