Skeezick Blade

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This champion gains a close-combat Physical attack at CD2. When a champion is successfully damaged by this attack, it becomes Eviscerated 3 and Inhibited (This unit cannot be healed). If equipped champion is a Skeezick, the attack has CD0.

Nora Cost: Expansion


Skeezick Rebellion

Faction Artist

Sundered Lands

Gabriel Garza



The CD 0 ability text was given as an attempt to improve Skeezick Blade and make it more thematic


Skeezick Blade requires you to spend 25 nora and attack in melee range to give Inhibited to the target, which is fairly steep. If it's ever a big deal, your opponent will probably just Cleanse it anyways.

If you are running a lot of range skeezick, it may make sense, but with the release of Skeezick Grunt and Skeezick Ripper, this is less likely to happen.

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