Rise of Serkan is the tenth expansion released for Pox Nora. It was launched on Wednesday, 20 of August, 2009, under Sony management. 

Notable features and historyAugment

"In Rise of Serkan, the fallen Lich King Serkan has returned to claim his throne as the king of Elsarin, but his ambitions extend beyond taking the throne. By harnessing the power of the Utterdark -- with the potential to create and destroy -- Serkan will reshape the world according to his own sinister whims."

In this expansion, there were released a new set of Hero champions for 6 factions, while Underdepths received the champion Bunny Lord and Ironfist Stronghold received the equipment Holy Blade of Valdac in place of new hero. Also, a new campaign to explain the lore behind this expansion was released. 


  • Ironfist Stronghold didn't received a new hero because the faction already had two heros: Euan Ironfist (released on the expansion Nora Surge) and Talgar Ironfist (released on Drums of War)
  • On a similar note, Underdepths also had two heros: K'lzik from the expansion Drums of War, and Grimlic from the expansion Grimlic's Descent, so instead a third hero, they receive a joke rune.
  • Bunny Lord was inspired by a player named SaiTaan. Said player was famous because he was collector of all the Magma Bunny copies he could found, once claiming he had over 1'000 copies of said champion. As result of his dedication, the previous studio, Octopi, started working on the Bunny Lord on his honour.
  • The new mechanic that was announced for this expansion, equipments that could be deployed as relics to be picked up by a different champion, was not employed again.
  • On this expansion, the different Doombringer champions were released. Originally intended to be a counter part to the Harbingers, SoE released for a brief time a special page which include the prophecy each Doombringer would tell to the leader of the different factions.
  • Altough the spell Fan Faire forms part of this expansion, it is not possible to obtain said rune through packs, boxes or gold. It is an exclusive spell. 
  • With exception of the Doombringers and the Fan Faire spell, all the runes are obtanaible through Gold at Player's Rewards.

Runes included on this setAugment

Forglar SwampAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Boghopper Mentor
Firk Mimic
Firk Mind Shredder
Gekaal, High One
Hippo Rider
Salaman Dervish
Swamp Doombringer
Poisonous Fumes
Psionic Impact
[None] Darkmarsh Helm

Forsaken WastesAugment

Champions Spell Relic Equipment
Elsarin Reaper
Essence Devourer
Eternal Lich
Ethereal Soldier
Forsaken Doombringer
Serkan, Lich Master
Utterdark Spectre
Black Ops
Corpse Collection
Serkan's Touch
[None] Ghost Pendant

Ironfist StrongholdAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Barbarian Archer
Conscripted Warrior
Dwarven Magister
Ironfist Doombringer
Ironfist Warsaint
Plains Savage
Summoning Ritual
[None] Holy Blade of Valdac

K'thir ForestAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Archer Commander
Centaur Skirmisher
K'thir Doombringer
Mage of Lament
Timber Wolves
Warcaller Fiorn
Combined Arms
Fan Faire
[None] Seed of Potential

Savage TundraAugment

Champions Spell Relic Equipment
Jakei Shadowstriker
Juya White-Eyes
Lonx Adept
Lonx Hurler
Savage Doombringer
Yeti Druid
[None] Iceguard Bracers

Shattered PeaksAugment

Champions Spell Relic Equipment
Cyclops Lurker
Drudge Cyclops
Eager Cyclops
Lance Admiral Sceian
Peaks Doombringer
Sonic Elemental
Vengeful Cyclops
Identity Crisis
[None] Vicious Harpoon

Sundered LandsAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Draksar Doomslayer
Draksar Rocketeer
Master Trapsmith
Skeezick Torch
Sundered Doombringer
Blood of the Dragon
Call to War
Draconic Pulsar
[None] Dragon God's Staff


Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Bok Warden
Bunny Lord
Depths Doombringer
Siege Monger
Trap Spider
Arthropod Frenzy
[None] Sword of Shadows
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