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Flavor Text: When Kanen Cultists speak of the mighty Mosharn, they tell of a Leoss made of obsidian who swallows Mongrels whole. In battle, Mosharn held his Bulwark in front of him and smashed Kanen who came close.


Equipped champion gains Block 2, Shield Throw and Barricade. If the equipped champion is Mosharn the Barricade, he gains Multiattack 1, and you are refunded 25 nora upon equipping.

Nora Cost: Expansion


Heroes' Dawn

Faction Artist

Ironfist Stronghold

Jakub Kasper



Originally, this equipment granted one additional rank of Multiattack and Rampage, but it proved too potent on Bastion the Avenger and Zeventrech the Last. The equipment was nerfed twice before being reworked entirely. This equipment resulted in the infamous Provizeven deck.


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