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  • Yaviey

    PoxNora Wikia Announcement

    February 20, 2014 by Yaviey

    Greetings Citizens of PoxNora,

    PoxNora has grown over seven years of development and merriment. In that time, this magnificent game has released numerous expansions, each including fun new runes. Now, however, it’s time for a new owner to take the ri…

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  • Radarx

    Hi All,

    We have had a rough couple of weeks banging through some pesky bugs, and as many of you have noticed, when we roll out a patch for them, sometimes other things end up breaking. In fact, some of you may even think or have posted, “The devs are…

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  • Yaviey

    Hey all,

    In addition to compiling all of your great suggestions, we're also in the process of working on a robust rewards system for Wikia contributors. Some of the ideas we've been playing around with include things like Station Cash, in-game titles…

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