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  • Yaviey

    PoxNora Wikia Announcement

    February 20, 2014 by Yaviey

    Greetings Citizens of PoxNora,

    PoxNora has grown over seven years of development and merriment. In that time, this magnificent game has released numerous expansions, each including fun new runes. Now, however, it’s time for a new owner to take the ring – Desert Owl Games. PoxNora still has a bright and long future ahead of it.

    On March 6, 2014, PoxNora will no longer be an SOE game; it will be transferred to Desert Owl Games. SOE will transfer players’ PoxNora IDs, collections, player history, etc. to Desert Owl Games. However, no personal information will be transferred. From there, Desert Owl will be working on handling integration of this data to their game services.

    Around the same time that the game changes over to the new owner, Desert …

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  • XiapeX

    Update to Runes/Abilities

    September 14, 2013 by XiapeX

    I mentioned recently I was going to try and replace conditions (and eventually abilities) mentioned in ability descriptions with links rather than the parenthesized versions. I now have that functionality in the update script. See Majestic and Charm for an example.

    In addition, the artist issue (which Shimaru raised) was fixed a while ago, and the table in stats/rune info has been shrunk so it fits to the side the image. You can see how it looks at Bag of Filth

    Are there any more suggestions for changing these templates?

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  • Shimaru

    Claw of the Coven

    August 23, 2013 by Shimaru


    Browsing through the internet, looking after information about Pox Nora history, I came to find something interesting. I found a pic that was done by Anthony Lopes, an artist who have been working with Octopi (original owners of Pox Nora), Sony online and O.W.L.S., and is also responsible of the Rip Witch rune art. 

    The interesting thing is the 'copyright' (Sony Online Entertainment 2013), as well as the name of the archive (Claw of the coven), which probably refers to Elsari Coven. If I am right, both things indicate this pic is the unused art for a rune in Pox Nora.

    Personally, I want to believe this potential new rune is tailored to fit in the Witch theme, but, that is something we will know eventually.

    Also, probably will start workin…

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  • XiapeX

    One long-term plan I have is to (automatically) add links into abilities to simplify the text, since links are possible on the wiki.

    For example, the rule text for Awestruck reads "Opposing champions adjacent to this unit are Awestruck (This unit has its DMG reduced by 50% and -1 SPD" and would instead read "Opposing champions adjacent to this unit are Awestruck"

    I have some ideas about how to implement this, but any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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  • XiapeX

    Using Categories for Lists

    August 22, 2013 by XiapeX

    Wiki structure allows players to create categories; then the page for that category has all the pages that belong to that category.This means Category:Abilities, and other general lists can be given their own page. If you want to create a new list, you can simply add a category to several pages, such as with Loss of Life

    Note that categories like Abilities and Runes are added automatically by the bot script, and thus these category pages will be kept up to date. However, other lists will require constant updating in order to be correct.

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  • XiapeX

    Pages requiring updates

    August 22, 2013 by XiapeX

    Adding a date can help remove the need to update obsolete information. For example, saying "There are 50 Draksar champions", "The Doctor is an autoinclude rune", or "The most recent expansion is Drums of War" may be true at a specific point in time, but will likely change as time passes.

    A bot script is able to update Runes and Abilities automatically to process rune and ability updates, but doesn't update comments or other pages.

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  • XiapeX

    How the bot updates pages

    August 22, 2013 by XiapeX

    Pages will be updated by a bot when an update script is run. This will remove any edits made in the Stats section and replace it with the updated Stats section. (This includes code or categories added in this section.)

    Stats are taken directly from the XML feed, but if any content in the Stats section is incorrect, please let me know at [[Message_Wall:XiapeX]]. (For example, currently the XML feed only lists one faction for split faction champions.) Any changes made to incomplete abilities will simply be overwritten.

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  • Radarx

    Hi All,

    We have had a rough couple of weeks banging through some pesky bugs, and as many of you have noticed, when we roll out a patch for them, sometimes other things end up breaking. In fact, some of you may even think or have posted, “The devs are slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter.” I can appreciate that point of view as a gamer myself because peanut butter can really slow turtles down. And living in this day and age where we can get our hands on things instantly it’s simply no fun waiting for a development team to fix bugs on a game that many of you have spent your hard earned cash on. But the point to focus on, is that we’re rolling out fixes as quickly as we can.

    If I could direct your attention to the imag…

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  • XiapeX

    Note that the "category gallery" refers to the 8 boxes which attempt to show off common pages that belog to a category. I personally don't think these are useful and would rather they not appear on any page. (I'd rather just see all the pages in the category further up the page.)

    On a wikia help page, it mentions we can ask wikia staff to simply remove these from all pages -- does anyone object to me doing that?

    To compare, note the difference between Category:Healing Sources and Category:Runes

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  • GabrielQ

    Thinking about what were common databases lacking to help building bg's, I came to the conclussion that any kind of ability grouping that could lead to the construction of a bg, are beyond the reach of word per word search absent a wide knoweledge of the theme in question. I'll work in the future in categorizing runes related to a theme, so anyone  wondering about a charge based bg, for example, could find every related ability, equipment, relic or spell related to the mechanic.

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