"Octopi is a leading developer of single-player and multiplayer online and downloadable games. Based in Tucson, AZ, Octopi has been building games for clients like Nokia, Paramount Pictures, EA's Pogo, GSN and SBC, while also hard at work developing PoxNora, the revolutionary online, multiplayer, collectible strategy game."

Octopi, LLC is the studio that created and released PoxNora. Their previous experience include working for several companies developing cell phone games. It was originally founded by Dan Kopycienski in 1998, and at first they worked on online advergaming type products.

The company was acquired by Sony Online on 16 january 2009.


Design Team

Dan Kopycienski
Branden Jordan
Brian Dellinger
Art Griffith

Game Development Team

Justin Felker
Art Griffith
Peter Nolen
Kevin Webb
Ellis Carle
James Johnson

Game Art Team

Bryan Rypkowski
Anthony Lopes
Darcie Banfield
Adgio Hutchings - Audio

Guest Artists

James Ryman
Matt Dixon
Jakub Kasper
Howard Lyon
Robert Cirillo
Yi-Piao Yeoh
Min Hyuk Yum
Mike Dutton
Trevor Claxton
Shayne Bingham
Kelly Hamilton
Gabo Garza
Layne Johnson

Story Team

Jess Jordan

Community Management

Luke Bultman

Q/A Support

Jesse Baker
David Boniecki
Luke Bultman


Wei Rao
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