There's a lot of suggestions and questions about methods of making pages, so if there's anything of general interest, post it here.( I'd suggest making a section 2 heading for each new topic.) If you are less interested in this or prefer a different method, talk about that too.

Links on faction boardAugment

Dispersed between a few talk pages was the early discussion on faction pages, and what is on Savage Tundra is what I would suggest going with. However organizing the links by faction may be useful still since the automatic links are not sorted by category. (I see now this may accomplish the same purpose and be easier than labelling "Savage Tundra Spell", "Savage Tundra Champion" for now.) So I would suggest sticking the links sorted by faction on another page which is linked to from the main faction page. (I have moved the links for the other 3 factions in their discussion section, but they can always be moved back or somewhere else.)

Update: I currently copied links that Mumpaaah typed up for Shattered Peaks into another page Shattered Peaks Runes, and it can be linked from the faction board Category:Shattered Peaks. I just gave the page of runes a general name, but it can be renamed too.

Ranks or types of an abilityAugment

First, how do ranks or types of an ability want to be handled? I am personally lazy when I am typing quickly and piped links mean more typing. What I was currently doing is typing part of the name (examples are in Sand Elemental and below). However, I think having half the ability one color and half another color doesn't look quite as nice, so I thought I would ask.

For example, Stat Bonus - Damage 1 would look like Stat Bonus - Damage 1, with the intent to organize information on the Stat Bonus page. One possible option looks like Stat Bonus - Damage 1 with code ([[Stat Bonus]] - Damage 1). That takes less typing than Stat Bonus - Damage 1 with code [[Stat Bonus|Stat Bonus - Damage 1]], though the total link looks a bit better to me.

I've been manually hotlinking the stat bonus thing, but I've been feeding them all into Stat Bonus (which hasn't been made yet). I think it would make sense for convenience sake to do the former - the only important bit is that they all link into the same place and show the necessary information. Away-Away 05:43, August 10, 2010 (UTC)

I think option two LOOKS better, but, yeah, it doesn't matter that much. Serpente 09:01, August 10, 2010 (UTC)

Opton, 1, please. Boozha 09:14, August 10, 2010 (UTC)

I think option 1 (just Stat Bonus linked) makes sense if it is just sending them to the generalized Stat Bonus page. Mumpaaah 05:14, August 11, 2010 (UTC)

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