"Law? Ye be talkin to the wrong Tortun. I nary believe in laws of Admiralty. Aye, best be handin' me that purse lad 'lest I decide to end ye here." - Dread Pirate Mangleshell, captain of the Rotmaw

Stats Basic Info

Damage: 12
Speed: 6
Range: 4-6
Defense: 3
Hit Points: 58
Nora Cost: 85

Faction: Forglar Swamp
Sundered Lands
Race: Tortun
Class: Rogue
Size: 1x1
Expansion: Heroes of Maljara
Artist: James Ryman

Abilities Upgrade set 1 Upgrade set 2

Attack: Gun
Pirate's Treasure
Split Hero
Tortun Shell

Frightful Blows

Tortun's Trade

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Mangleshell is one of two Split Heros available for Tortuns.  He is able to deal damage at mid to long range and to prevent most champions from attacking him through Intimidating and Frightful Blows.  Since most melees won’t be even able to attack him at all & most ranged units won't be able to counter Frightful Blows, he can safely navigate the frontlines of most maps without getting overwhelmed. 

Mangleshell's high cost is mitigated with his unique ability Pirate’s Treasure, which can grant a significant amount of nora upon his death.  In many cases, after he has been in play for long enough, one may actually wish for Mangleshell to die, since the Nora granted through Pirate's Treasure can, after a moderate amount of time, exceed the cost of the champion itself.

Recommended upgrades: intimidating for survivability and dread to support your other tortuns.

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• DMG changed to 12 from 14

• Lost Intimidating as a starting ability

• Lost Unstoppable as an upgrade ability

• Gained Intimidating as an upgrade ability

• nora cost changed to 87 from 90

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