Maljaran war is the fifteen expansion for Pox Nora. It was released on 10 of novembre, 2010.

Notable features and historyAugment

With the highly anticipated 2 vs. 2 team play feature, players can now pair up and compete in ranked matches, or continue alone and explore three new single-player campaigns. Over 70 new runes, increased avatar leveling and a new map of the Grove of Ash make Maljaran War a robust offering for the free-to-play gamer and a must download for the PoxNora Player.

This was the last expansion that would form part of the Maljara cycle. 

As previous expansions within the same cycle, it was heavily criticized for departing from the traditional factions and themes already established, and the speed the powercreep was growing. Also, ignoring the split champions and Split Hero, full faction players received relatively few champions, as each faction got 1 or 2 champions that were intended to be played in FF battlegroups.

Comments and features.Augment

  • A new game mode, 2v2 was implemented. 
  • A new map was added. 
  • New campaigns were added, telling the last part of the Maljara cycle story.
  • The daily battles were added to the client.

Runes included on this setAugment

Forglar SwampAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Death Lily
Mindwarp Frog
Shardseer Argol
Timothy the Vile
Nora Seep
Pygmy Hippo Stampede
Tortun Cannon Barrage
(None) Pulsing Globule

Forsaken WastesAugment

Champions Spell Relic Equipment
Utterdark Soulrender
Zoalt, Sky Serpent
Haunting Grip
Soul Corruption
(None) Crown of Nightbarbs

Ironfist StrongholdAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Animated Armor
Dragon Engine
Magnetic Rover
Northern Cross Templar
Bane Blast
Groble Strike Force
Sapping Beam
Rallying Flag (None)

K'thir ForestAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Ailurite Brother
Jek the Silver General
Occuli Slag
Spirit of the Mountain
Escape Magic
Fairy Dust
Tortun Cannon Barrage
(None) Frostcall Quiver

Savage TundraAugment

Champions Spell Relic Equipment
Jakei Soulpainter
Runic Seal
Snowball Fight
Suppression Crystal (None)

Shattered PeaksAugment

Champions Spell Relic Equipment
Crazed Warmandrils
Cyclops Storm Caller
Voil Imperialist
Cultural Contamination
False Orders
Pack Savagery
Reckless Summoning
Mangled Totem (None)

Sundered LandsAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Sandstalker Dustdevil
Skeezick Wrecker
Cultural Contamination
Nora Trap
Pack Savagery
Touch of Vindrax
(None) Draketooth Rifle


Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Flame Skitter 
Zoalt, Sky Serpent
Smoke Cloud
Volcanic Burst
Cursed Epitaph (None)

Split racesAugment

Kanen Leoss Stitched Tortun

Midterm releaseAugment

The midterm release was focused on the concept of 'Knight and wizards'. The overall idea is that Wrath champions from this expansion were going to obtain with the class Knight, which would have a unifying mechanic, Quest: Kill Enemy, while the protectorate champions would obtain champions with class Wizard.

Forglar Swamp Forsaken Wastes Ironfist Stronghold K'thir Forest Savage Tundra Shattered Peaks Sundered Lands Underdepths
Neuromancer (Wizard)  Defiler Knight (Knight)  Royal Geomancer (Wizard)  Bowmage (Wizard)  Chronomancer (Wizard)  Chaos Brave (Knight)  Basilisk Templar (Knight) 

Balefire Knight (Knight)

Draft prizesAugment

Players who participated and won on the draft tournaments during this cycle were awarded with one of two possible champions: Haunting Spirit and Enraged Sentry

Inquisitor IsranAugment

Inquisitor Isran is a recoloured version of the champion Ironfist Inquisitor, and was introduced as the sister of the character Magnus the Fallen on the maljaran cycle.

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