Loss of life (also reffered to as "Loss of HP") is an effect which reduces a champion's current HP. As is commonly stated, Loss of life is not considered to be damage, despite appearing similar in the interface. This means abilities such as Drive are separate from any ability/condition which mentions "damage". For example, loss of life does not get reduced by Impervious.

Loss of life will bypass all clauses that use the term "damage" as a trigger.

Block, Dodge, Deflect, and Impervious are all abilities that use "damage" as a trigger for the abillity to take effect.  Thus, LoL damage will not trigger these abilities. 

Loss of life does not currently bypass defense, even though defense reduces "damage".  This is considered to be a bug and will likely change in the future.

Effects which use loss of life may contain the following reminder:

Loss of life (loss of HP) effect
This uses loss of life (loss of HP). This means it will ignore any effect that reduces damage (such as Impervious) and not trigger any effect that triggers on damage (such as Enrage).
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