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K'Thir Forest is inhabited by the ancient Elves and the indomitable Garu, powerful bear warriors sworn to protect their homeland. These champions, along with the Centaurs and other woodland creatures make up the forces of K'Thir.

The main attributes of the K'Thir Forest are the speed of their warriors, the vast amounts of ranged champions and the nature spells they utilize against their enemies. If you enjoy fast-moving range-based combat, K'Thir may be the faction for you.

Faction BonusAugment

Split Faction: Champions you control have +1 maximum AP.
Full Faction: Champions you control have +1 SPD and +1 maximum AP.

Iconic RunesAugment


  • K'Thir Forest is one of the original 6 Factions of PoxNora.
    DoW 1st win
  • K'Thir was the first faction in Pox History to fill up a Drums of War Bar.
  • K'Thir was the first faction to have 3 Full Faction Heroes.
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