Heroes of Maljara is the 14th expansion, launched on 21 of july, 2010. It is the second expansion within the maljara cycle, and followed the same focus on the new concept of split races and runes. 

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Notable features and history[edit | edit source]

"Heroes of Maljara, the newest PoxNora expansion, continues to explore the Maljaran Epic. Players can unravel the mystery of Magnus’s kidnapping at Poxnora.com and through the PoxNora Facebook application."

While the original maljara expansion, Maljaran Frontier was received with some enthusiasm, once the novelty began to wear off, the response to more split race began to be more negative and vocal. Regardless that, Heroes of Maljara was well received.

Comments[edit | edit source]

  • The split heroes were introduced into this expansion: Ash the Bandit PrinceGarin the SharpfangMagnus the FallenMangleshellMatriarch SarindaMosharn the BarricadeTremir CraghideVoil King Ruubgaal and Zeventrech the Last.
  • Before this expansion, the Hero ability would had a clause that states "This (Hero) champion takes 15 hp damage whenever you play a rune from another faction". The Split Hero ability from release had the clause "This champion is destroyed if played from a full faction battlegroup". Eventually, the Hero ability was changed to match the split hero ability.
  • The new format, Draft, is introduced to the game. "PoxNora introduces a new Draft Tournament system. In a draft tournament each player takes turns selecting runes from the same pack until three packs have been drafted. Players are then paired up, with a maximum of eight players per tournament. The winner is awarded prizes along with tokens and runes. Each player who enters the draft tournaments will receive three packs of ten runes just for playing. The tournament entry fee is paid with tickets, which are available for purchase in the PoxNora Marketplace."
  • A new campaign is introduced to keep the moving forward the plot started on the previous expansion.
  • Eventually, there would be a midterm release, the "Aspects of...". 

Runes included on this set[edit | edit source]

Forglar Swamp[edit | edit source]

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Salaman Rook
Darkmarsh Warsong
Marsh Fable
Nora Artillery
Sea Song
The Foulest Mushroom Goading Mask

Forsaken Wastes[edit | edit source]

Champions Spell Relic Equipment
Magnus the Fallen
Risen Moga
Utterdark Fadewisp
Voil King Ruubgaal
Steal Life
Altar of Bones Mind Shackle

Ironfist Stronghold[edit | edit source]

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Archangel of Al'Mara
Barbarian Huntress
Dwarven Excavator
Vengeant Knight
Blessing of Al'Mara
Groble Bombardment
Pride of Sarnghaver
Ankh of Valdac Wildeye Bracers

K'thir Forest[edit | edit source]

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Ash the Bandit Prince
Fairy Trickster
K'thun the Ancient
Ospryan Valkyrie
Snare Fairy
Eriluun's Favor
Fog of Ancients
Dreambox Shimmering Flower

Savage Tundra[edit | edit source]

Champions Spell Relic Equipment
Furbull Mother
Lonx Hunt Leader
Snare Fairy
Zeventrech the Last
Favor of the Queen
The Ailur Concord
Orb of Frostfall Harmless Bauble

Shattered Peaks[edit | edit source]

Champions Spell Relic Equipment
Albino Fesh
Hyaenid Instigator
Pilfered Armory
Ritual of Binding
Voil King's Crypt Mark of Kiergana

Sundered Lands[edit | edit source]

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Negation Mage
Skywing Patrol
Ferocity of Kain Taris
Metamagic Backlash
Skywing Beacon Bloodthirsty Blade

Underdepths[edit | edit source]

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Bok Mistress
Deep Leviathan
Lower Beast of Sheoul
Sheoul Magus
Breath of Ash
Votaev's Grasp
Ethereal Pool Firelight Gem

Split races[edit | edit source]

Kanen Leoss Stitched Tortun

Midterm release[edit | edit source]

The midterm release for this expansion didn't had a focus on some specific mechanic or lore. The common theme to all the champions is being named and designate after an specific concept that was linked to each of the factions.

Forglar Swamp Forsaken Wastes Ironfist Stronghold K'thir Forest Savage Tundra Shattered Peaks Sundered Lands Underdepths
Aspect of Growth Aspect of Death Aspect of Divinity Aspect of Life Aspect of Infinity Aspect of Chaos Aspect of Violence Aspect of Oblivion

Draft tournament reward[edit | edit source]

As reward for winning a draft tournament, on top of the refund of tickets and runes, players were awarded with a special rune, the Baby Furbull

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