Grimlic's Descent is the fifth expansion for Pox Nora, launched on 12 december, 2007.

Notable history and featuresAugment

"Pox Nora's 5th Expansion: Grimlic's Descent, is now available. 60 New Runes, along with numerous changes to existing Runes and some New Features. Enjoy!"

  • A new map is added to the rooster, Lava Plains
  • A new game mode is added in testing phase, highlander. In this game mode, the battlegroups could only include a single copy of each rune, regardless their category as champion, spell, relic or equipment. 
  • The desktop client is released as well, so people could play directly from his pc rather than having to browse to the website.


  • In a similar vein to Rise of Serkan, the lore behind the expansion and the focus of the general design is the new Hero Grimlic

Runes included on this setAugment

Forglar SwampAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Fire Salaman
Firk Spellblaster
Frenzied Pirahnid
Giant Crustacean
Blessing of the River Poison Trap Smooth Stone

Forsaken WastesAugment

Champions Spell Relic Equipment
Tormented Priest
Zombie Behemoth
Absorb Magic
Blight the Holy
Hungry Dead
Plague Trap
Skull of Decay

Ironfist StrongholdAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Battle Matron
Ethereal Priestess
Rock Guardian
Amplify Healing
Unbending Force
Dwarven Mead Trap (None)

K'thir ForestAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Elven Strategist
Forest Giant
Rascal Fairy
Snake Charmer
Call Serpent Thorn Trap Withering Fern

Savage TundraAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Jakei Bruiser
Lonx Beast Tamer
Yeti Berserker
Yeti Scout
Winter's Shroud Snow Trap Vindrax Scale Shield

Shattered PeaksAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Crowned Sauropod
Hyaenid Spearman
Reckless Spellhack
Voil Sorcerer
Strength in Numbers Rock Trap (None)

Sundered LandsAugment

Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Cobra Spitter
Draksar Shifter
Draksar Spellsword
Skeezick Scoundrel
Draconic Sacrifice Acid Trap (none)


Champion Spell Relic Equipment
Deep Elf Monk
Nefari Soul Torch
Nefari Soul Torch
Scorched Dwarf
Shadow Master
Acrid Smoke
Fire Blast
Grimlic's Treachery
Lava Trap (None)
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