Brutes? They're all brutes. Some are just bigger. Same brains as a chestnut, the lot of them. - Rugolth

File:Goblin Brute.jpg
Stats Basic Info

Damage: 7
Speed: 5
Range: 1
Defense: 1
Hit Points: 34
Nora Cost: 36

Faction: Underdepths
Race: Goblin
Class: Warrior
Size: 1x1
Expansion: Pox Nora Release Set
Artist: James Ryman

Abilities Upgrade set 1 Upgrade set 2

Attack: Physical
Exertion 2

Call to Arms

Berserk Attack 1
Berserk Attack 2

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Goblin Brute was originally meant to be a zombie from the Forsaken Wastes faction, but he was put in Underdepths as a last minute filler for the PoxNora Release Set.

One April's Fools event made it so one could add as many Goblin Brutes to a BG as the player desired.

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