Gale Force

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Area Effect 2: Champions within the affected area take 6 Frost damage and are knocked back 3 spaces.

Nora Cost: Expansion


Path to Conquest Expansion

Faction Artist

Savage Tundra

Bryan Rypkowski


This spell can be used to alter positioning, to do damage and to cliff champions, remember that champions have to have 0 AP in order to be cliffed, otherwise they stay in the border of the cliff expending all their remaining AP in the process. (this means you can cliff a champion with AP with 2 Knockback effects)



Each champion affected by gale force will try to move 3 spaces in a direction determined by this guide. In case of targetting more than 1 champion, the order in wich they move is the same order in wich they were deployed, so, to maximize damage you have to choose carefully the movement direction, example in case of a pure horiontal movement, champions are labeled [1] and [2] according to deployment order and the arrow indicates the direction gale push them:

->[1][2]: In this case, [1] attemps to move but [2] impedes it, so 1 receives 21 damage (6 from gale 15 from KB) and so does [2], after that is resolved, [2] moves 3 spaces to the right if he's able.

->[2][1]: In this case, [1] moves first, so he moves unoposed 3 spaces to the right, and then [2] moves 3 spaces to the right without opposition, each champion takes 6 damage.
Gale Sandwich

Gale Sandwich

The maximum damage a particular champion can receive using gale force to knockback is 36 damage, 6 frost and 30 physical, and you require 3 champions or 2 champions and a barrier [x] (can be a champion, a relic, a illusion, or a terrain limit). The dispositiond are the following, were the middle champion receives the 36 max damage and ->( ) indicates the direction and the champions affected by the effect

-> ([1] [2] [3])

-> ([2] [1] [3])

-> ([1] [2]) [x]

-> ([2] [1]) [x]

This is known as a "Gale Sandwich"

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