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Poxbox is a fanbase website for Poxnora.  It hosts an automated rune trader, and maintains it's own private economy.  Poxbox also boasts the most powerful rune database & Battle Group creation system available.

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TCGbay is a trade service that uses store reps to fill trades. It also has it's own trade calculator so you can see what you can trade in and out.

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Comparable to the database hosted at Poxbox.  Poxbase offers a fast intuitive, easy to use rune database.  This Fansite is recomended for new players.

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Poxpulse is an outdated rune database.  It offers services similar to that of Poxbase, including a list of all abilities.

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                               ===Sepulcher's Poxnora youtube channel===
                                                       A channel full of nothing but poxnora commentaries

                             Poxnora Chronicles

                           A website with a collection of Poxnora lore and stories

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