Whenever an opposing champion is deployed or enters a friendly Dead Magic Zone, it becomes Cursed (-1 DMG, -1 DEF, -1 SPD) for 2 turns for each unit you control with Elsari Coven.



The very first preview we originally had for the elsari coven ability was an extension of the Wicked Aura on the Wretched Witch. It was intended that once 3 or more witches were on play, they all would gain Wicked Aura. On a later update, it was announced the wicked aura would have ranks, and the wretched witch would keep rank 2, while the incoming witches would gain rank 1 through their class ability.

On octuber, 2011, as part of the Wild Alliance previews, a completely new ability was announced. This new version would grant Rise instead wicked aura, which is briefly mentionated on the same thread. Rise was a variation of the Dark Knight ability, Lich-born. Previously it was only found on the Forsaken Follower, but it was decide to use it as thematic ability for the new witches, so eventually was removed from the forsaken follower on the 02-nov-2011 patch notes, along with a nora cost reduction.

The second version was released on the Wild Alliance expansion, and originally was "When 3 champions with this ability are in play this champion gains Rise (when this champion dies it gains race: Undead and loses the Elsari Coven and Rise abilities and is respawned at your nearest deployment zone.)". From there, it got several nerfs, as it was considered either 'too powerful' or just 'too frustrating'.

- From respawning at the beginning of the player's turn, to the end of the turn.

- Stat reducing on the undead form, including -1 speed and some some hp.

This second version was heavily criticized because its attrition nature, and after the new developer Sokolov took charge, it was finally revamped into the current version.


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