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Nora Cost: 53

Damage: 8

Speed: 6

Range: 1

Defense: 1

Hit Points: 46


Arrow Throw 1

Dodge 1




Stat Bonus - Damage 1

Arrow Throw 2

Berserker 2

Stat Bonus - Defense 1



Recommended Build: Berserker/Damage

Rating *****

Ironfist's ranged anti-range. Dodge & Arrow Throw make for a deadly combination. As with all single defence abilities there are times to choose to dodge the next general attack, and times to pick a particular opponent with high damage or a problematic ability. 1 on 1 early game he's at an advantage against a lot of units, especially enemy range. Stun is epic (Hammer Strike costs 45 nora after all), but use it wisely, not just because you can. Sweep is also situationally useful. You can push away a melee attacker, knockback a unit into a wall/unit for extra damage (or even a chasm if your opponent screws up). It can even be used on your own unit to get it into position for a kill. Remember it's also useable when pacified.

In terms of efficiency you'd be hard pressed to find a better ranged option in IS, and even then in terms of utility, and the sheer amount of tactical options he brings to the table, he's second to none.

Berserker & Damage turn this guy into a 13 Dam 7 Speed killing machine, however if you're not a fan of the downsides of Berserker you also have the option of taking + 1 Defence instead.

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