Draksar Clan is one of the largest, and oldest guilds still active in Pox Nora. The guild was first founded in mid-2007 when the option to create guilds was first added by Octopi. In Draksar Clan's long history, there have been many notable members that have been in the guild. The guilds primary focus, as the name suggests, is upon the faction Sundered Lands, although many members have expertise with various other factions.

Guild StatsAugment

Guild Name - Draksar Clan

Alignment - Wrath

Faction - Sundered Lands

Clan Tag - <Sler>

Motto - "By Scale and Claw"

Guild Leader - Asherai

Notable Members - Asherai (Guild Founder)

- Terezar (Guild Founder)

- flipster (Guild Founder)

- Mirior (Guild Founder)

- Draxonroth (Guild Founder)

- Leviathan

- Monroid

- DirkofPerk

- 19Gerben91

- darcsabre

- Dagdapede

- AwayAway

- GlaurunGod

- GorthaurME

- Rodar

- Jellybabe

- Andronidas

- BurnPyro

- LadyJava

- CotoW

Guild HistoryAugment

Draksar Clan has maintained a constant, friendly rivalry with the Ironfist Stronghold orientated guild Defenders of the Stronghold. The most obvious expression of this rivalry occurs when "Faction wars" are declared between the two guilds, usually involving prizes for the most succesful members of each guild and the player with the most victories to his or her name. The winner of these "wars" is the guild which scores the most overall victories, regardless of which individual acheived the most victories alone.

SL MarketplaceAugment

The SL Marketplace in the Sundered Lands forums is distinct from the Wrath rune pool and is run by veteran players within Draksar Clan, most notably Cidbahamut, for the benefit of both new and old Sundered Lands players. Jellybabe has also recently been aiding the rune pool thanks to his considerable collection.