Demons are one of many races occupying the Poxnora universe.  Demons are a race of evil hearted creatures, found primarily in the Underdepths. There are 107 Demons in total.

The Demon race grants does not grant access to a racial abillity.

Lore Augment

The Underdepths are ruled by cruel demons, as well as a population of elf demon's that abandoned their forest homeland for the promise of ultimate power.


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Rune Interactions Augment

The following Abilities, Spells, Relics, Equipment are closely related to Demons.

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Table of all Demons Augment

Name Expansion Nora Rarity Faction
Jyx the Shadesworn Wild Alliance 96 Exotic FS UD
Brutality Barbarian Wild Alliance 70 Common IS
RipDemon Ancient Awakenings 79 Common SL
Abyssal Fiend Skeezick Rebellion 53 Rare UD
Angel of Pain Ancient Awakenings 83 Limited UD
Arachnodemon Path to Conquest Expansion 73 Uncommon UD
Ash Demon Savage Tundra Expansion 60 Uncommon UD
Balefire Knight Maljaran War 83 Legendary UD
Bloodletter Nora Surge 70 Uncommon UD
Bok Enforcer Heroes' Dawn 69 Uncommon UD
Bok Gatekeeper Drums of War Expansion 75 Rare UD
Bok Guardian PoxNora Release Set 57 Uncommon UD
Bok Mistress Heroes of Maljara 75 Common UD
Bok Raider Endless Wonder 73 Uncommon UD
Bok Warden Rise of Serkan 70 Rare UD
Deep Elf Assassin PoxNora Release Set 88 Rare UD
Deep Elf Fanatic Skeezick Rebellion 77 Exotic UD
Deep Elf Fire Dancer Savage Tundra Expansion 51 Uncommon UD
Deep Elf Infiltrator Plague of Ba'lah 70 Uncommon UD
Deep Elf Masochist Broodcall 76 Rare UD
Deep Elf Mercenary PoxNora Release Set 55 Common UD
Deep Elf Monk Grimlic's Descent Expansion 83 Rare UD
Deep Elf Priestess Drums of War Expansion 64 Uncommon UD
Deep Elf Ritualist Skeezick Rebellion 75 Uncommon UD
Deep Elf Scout PoxNora Release Set 60 Common UD
Deep Elf Summoner Skeezick Rebellion 70 Uncommon UD
Deep Elf Temptress PoxNora Release Set 50 Common UD
Deep Leviathan Heroes of Maljara 78 Common UD
Demon Lich Path to Conquest Expansion 74 Exotic UD
Demon Lich Path to Conquest Expansion 74 Limited UD
Demonbarb Spider Heroes' Dawn 75 Common UD
Demonic Wag Plague of Ba'lah 80 Rare UD
Demonologist Heritage Legends 82 Legendary UD
Demonvein Vampyre Heritage 83 Exotic UD
Depths Doombringer Rise of Serkan 74 Limited UD
Ember Wasp Dawn of Elements 72 Uncommon UD
Flame Skitter Maljaran War 67 Uncommon UD
Gahlroon PoxNora Release Set 81 Rare UD
Greater Pitspawn Nora Surge 124 Exotic UD
Grimlic Plague of Ba'lah 99 Limited UD
Grimlic Grimlic's Descent Expansion 99 Exotic UD
Grimlic Grimlic's Descent Expansion 99 Limited UD
Hekatian Arbiter Endless Wonder 84 Exotic UD
Hekatian Bloodguard Endless Wonder - Legends I 83 Legendary UD
Hook Fiend Nora Surge 68 Rare UD
Imp Savage Tundra Expansion 55 Common UD
Imp Alchemist Broodcall 65 Legendary UD
Imp Deceiver Crusade of the Vashal - Legends II 70 Legendary UD
Imp Familiar Dire Covenant 62 Legendary UD
Imp Jester Dire Covenant 72 Rare UD
Imp Strangler Wild Alliance 64 Common UD
Imp Trickster Wild Alliance 60 Rare UD
Imp Vixen Wild Alliance 78 Exotic UD
Incinerator Path to Conquest Expansion 64 Common UD
Jyx the Shadesworn Wild Alliance 96 Exotic FS UD
K'lzik Drums of War Expansion 95 Exotic UD
Korona, Bok Huntress Crusade of the Vashal - Legends I 82 Limited UD
Lavaflow Devourer PoxNora Release Set 64 Uncommon UD
Long Knife Adept Heritage 76 Common UD
Lower Beast of Sheoul Heroes of Maljara 68 Rare UD
Maxxarek Heroes' Dawn 100 Exotic UD
Murk Demon Broodcall 70 Common UD
Needleclaw Imp Wild Alliance 72 Common UD
Nefari Caverunner Heritage 74 Rare UD
Nefari Dragon Savage Tundra Expansion 82 Uncommon UD
Nefari Fireslinger Ancient Awakenings 88 Rare UD
Nefari Griefbearer Heritage 71 Common UD
Nefari Griefsinger Dire Covenant 65 Common UD
Nefari Guardian Path to Conquest Expansion 61 Uncommon UD
Nefari Messenger Skeezick Rebellion 77 Legendary UD
Nefari Reaper PoxNora Release Set 84 Uncommon UD
Nefari Siphon Skeezick Rebellion 65 Rare UD
Nefari Soul Torch Grimlic's Descent Expansion 65 Limited UD
Nefari Soul Torch Grimlic's Descent Expansion 65 Common UD
Nightmare Drums of War Expansion 72 Common UD
Pincushion Shattered Peaks Expansion 65 Uncommon UD
Pit Dragon Shattered Peaks Expansion 75 Rare UD
Puppet Master Ancient Awakenings 70 Uncommon UD
Redcap Twins Dawn of Elements 70 Common UD
RipDemon Alpha Ancient Awakenings 85 Rare UD
Rust Demon Skeezick Rebellion 62 Common UD
Scorpic PoxNora Release Set 64 Common UD
Screaming Imp Nora Surge 71 Uncommon UD
Shadow Hunter Ancient Awakenings 80 Exotic UD
Shadow Master Grimlic's Descent Expansion 62 Common UD
Sheoul Demon PoxNora Release Set 89 Exotic UD
Sheoul Disciple Plague of Ba'lah - Legends 75 Legendary UD
Sheoul Magus Heroes of Maljara 77 Exotic UD
Siege Monger Rise of Serkan 70 Common UD
Soulbleeder Broodcall 80 Uncommon UD
Soulcrawler Endless Wonder 72 Rare UD
Soulthirster Broken Shard 82 Exotic UD
Succubus Drums of War Expansion 73 Common UD
Undertortoise Ancient Awakenings 64 Common UD
Vothsair Ireguard Dire Covenant 84 Exotic UD
Vothsair Reaver Heritage Legends II 90 Legendary UD
Warogg PoxNora Release Set 75 Uncommon UD

Counterplay Augment

Demons are a broad race, and much like the K'thir Forest's non-demon Elves, follow no set standard of makeup or play.

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