Focus your mind, be angry, consuming, like fire. Put an arrow to fire, it consumes the arrow. Put an army to fire, and it consumes the army. Now, fire can spread or it can explode. Be fire, my friend.

File:Deep Elf Monk.jpg
Stats Basic Info

Damage: 10
Speed: 7
Range: 1
Defense: 1
Hit Points: 51
Nora Cost: 82

Faction: Underdepths
Race: Demon
Race: Elf
Class: Monk
Size: 1x1
Expansion: Grimlic's Descent
Artist: Bryan Rypkowski

Abilities Upgrade set 1 Upgrade set 2

Arrow Throw 2
Attack: Physical

Pummel 1
Pummel 2
Pummel 3

Dodge 1
Dodge 2

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