Long before the land had separated, legend holds that the Cyclops, god of pain and ill fortune, was made entirely of stone.

Cyclops Nemesis
Stats Basic Info

Damage: 16
Speed: 5
Range: 1
Defense: 1
Hit Points: 58
Nora Cost: 45

Faction: Shattered Peaks
Race: Cyclops
Class: Brute
Size: 2x2
Expansion: Shattered Peaks Expansion
Artist: Bryan Rypkowski

Abilities Upgrade set 1 Upgrade set 2

Attack: Physical
Nemesis: Earthmover
Power Attack 2

Hunter: Ironfist Stronghold
Hunter: Protectorate

Resistance: Physical 1
Resistance: Physical 2
Resistance: Physical 3

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This champion is incredibly risky to use because its nemesis, the Earthmover, is actually a fairly good champion. Do not include this champion in your battlegroup.

Before the revamp, the Nemesis was a fairly good champion because the nemesis that it spawned did not have any upgrades. At the time, champion upgrading was crucial. As a result, the Nemesis was able to serve as a very cheap, offensively powerful cyclops. When the revamp buffed the base form of all of the champions, the Earthmover that is this cyclops's nemesis was made much, much stronger. This made the Cyclops Nemesis unplayable, because you were effectively giving your opponent a champion even better than the one you were deploying, and paying nora to do so.

The Cyclops Nemesis saw brief use for a short time, when a bug with Blink made it such that nemesis-spawned champions came back under the control of the summoner of the champion with Nemesis. This bug was fixed before its use was very popular.

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