AP CD Description
1 2 Target owned adjacent champion is destroyed and this champion is healed for the amount equal to the destroyed champion's current HP.




This ability isn't worth taking as an upgrade, but is very useful on both Corpse Golems and Colossal Boas due to their ability to mitigate damage. The Colossal Boa's consume ability gives it synergy with snakes summoned by the Snake Charmer, since the Constrictors have fairly high HP. This lets the Boa quickly replenish HP lost and continue serving as a tank. The Corpse Golem can heal itself effectively on some of the cheap, short-lived Forsaken Wastes champions like the Revenant. However, due to the added benefits that Repurpose provides, this use of Consume is becoming less popular.

Champions with Consume
Bloodhowler Alpha (Upgrade)
Colossal Boa
Corpse Golem
Deep Leviathan (Upgrade)
G'hern Traitor (Upgrade)
Hyaenid Instigator (Upgrade)
Sand Dragon (Upgrade)
Siege Monger
Weaver (Upgrade)
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