Constructs are mostly found in Ironfist Stronghold, and are constructed by Humans or Dwarfs or are Rock infused with Nora and brought to life. Boost: Construct used to be an ability of the Dwarven Handler that granted Death Nova: Physical and Detonate to nearby Constructs. However, the ability was very buggy and ceased to exist after the Revamp.

Champions with Race: Construct
Calcified Lurker
Clay Form
Clockwork Swarm
Dwarven Catapult
Dwarven Mogaslicer
Earth Golem
Groble Piledriver
Groble Rock Eater
Ironfist Glider
Lodestone Construct
Overcharged Golem
Siege Engine
Stone Colossus
Stone Dragon
Turret Team
War-Enchanted Groble
Whitestone Gargoyle
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