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Area Effect 4: Affected spaces have their all terrain modifications removed. For 4 turns, affected spaces become Hallowed Ground (At beginning of your turn, Undead and Demon champions as well as Forsaken Wastes and Underdepths relics in this area lose 2 life, friendly Priests, Shamans, and Paladins are cleansed and healed for 8 HP, and terrain modifications are removed from this space).

Nora Cost: Expansion


Skeezick Rebellion

Faction Artist

Ironfist Stronghold

Bryan Rypkowski




Rating: ***** (In Paladin Decks) **** (In semi-Paladin Decks)

CtE is an entire sub-theme of Ironfist Stronghold, based around Paladins and this spell. It is, however, useful in mixed Battle Groups as well. In higher ranks cleanse is invaluable, and this spell offers a 25* nora spot cleanse, potentially for multiple units (as long as they're Paladins,Priests or Shamen). If you run even a few Paladins it can be worth including. Additional uses include destroying Stitched Remains, Healing multiple Paladins,Priests or Shamen, or simply removing Terrain Modifications that could harm you and/or benefit the enemy. A good multi-purpose cheap spell. Especially worth considering in Counter Battle Groups. One final thing. Remember this spell will not cleanse non-Paladins, Priests or Shaman. Therefore I would recommend also running a Vial of Holy Water if you want the option to cleanse other champions in your Battle Group. Note: The "beginning of your turn" effect actually triggers upon casting also, so you get one round of the cleanse, heal and loss of life instantly.

  • This information is outdated, as the spell now cost 35 nora.
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