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Equipped Dwarf champions gets +4 HP, +1 AP. If the Dwarf is a Drunken Thug, Brawler or Brewmaster, it gets an additional +1 SPD, +4 HP, +1 AP and an addition rank of Resistance - Physical. All other champions get -1 SPD, -1 DMG, -1 DEF and lose all AP when equipped with Blacklabel Brew. If there are 5 or more friendly Dwarves equipped with Blacklabel Brew those champions gain 1 rank of Resistance - Physical.

Nora Cost: Expansion


Dawn of Elements

Faction Artist

Ironfist Stronghold

Darcie Banfield


Carouse and intoxicate can be used to equip 0 nora cost blacklabel brew equips for free



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