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Rank Nora Description
1 -2 This champion gets +2 DMG and Careless
2 7 This champion gets +1 SPD, +3 DMG, and Careless
3 14 This champion gets +2 SPD, +4 DMG, and Careless


Berserker champions get their boosts as a set, and thus usually are cheaper as a result of not being able to save AP. Thus, they are great for melee champions to engage your opponent and start doing significant damage.

Since Berserker champions don't save AP, 6 speed Beserker champions almost always upgrade to Berserker 3 so they get 8 AP at the start of their turn (enough for 2 attacks), Champions with only 7 AP are at a significant disadvantage unless they can get 2 attacks some other way or have some other role.

Note Unstoppable prevents loss of AP, so champions with Rage Band gain Berserker but do not lose AP due to Careless because they also gain Unstoppable.

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