She moved through the Seared Forest. With each step, flowers sprouted from the ground, leaving a beautiful trail behind her. The trees, once charred, began to pulse with new life. As the aspect ventured forward, she left behind a growing forest

Aspect of Life
Stats Basic Info

Damage: 0
Speed: 6
Range: 1
Defense: 0
Hit Points: 43
Nora Cost: 74

Faction: K'thir Forest
Race: Spirit
Class: Demi-God
Size: 1x1
Expansion: Heroes of Maljara
Artist: James Ryman

Abilities Upgrade set 1 Upgrade set 2

Boundless Vitality
Charged Heal
Lay Hands 1
Supercharged 2
Trail: Vegetation

Majestic 1
Majestic 2

Heal Champion 1
Healing Breath 1
Nature's Blessing 1

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Recommended Builds:

Charged 3 and Healing Breath...Once she is at 20 charges she can keep most anyone alive, while still being cheaper than x2 healing breaths, w/ great

Artist: James Ryman

Originally not seen as very powerful, after a few days she was being ranked top 2 by some players...a bug with her abilty to not have any cool down once she had 20 charges led to Goading Mask, and Master Trapsmith abuse, lots of fun and laughs for KF players.

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