DMG: 10

SPD: 5

RNG: 2-3

DEF: 0

HP: 45



Attack - Psychic

Parting Gift

Revitalize 2

Swap 1



Almsgiver was released in the Nora Surge expansion. In addition to the current abilities, Almsgiver could upgrade Resurrect 1. This Rune was usually played in Underdepths/Forglar Swamp battlegroups with Leap to Battle, Resurrect and Sacrifice, which returned 100% of the champion's Nora cost at that time. Parting Gift and Wisdom would reduce the cooldown on all spells, which allowed those battlegroups to cycle two Almsgivers with two Sacrifice and cast all spells with (almost) no cooldown.

Almsgiver lost Resurrect as an upgrade in a following patch to prevent cycling her this way.


Recommended Build: +6 HP/Revitalize 3

Rating: **

Almsgiver is fairly cheap, at 70 nora, but her stats are mediocre. Revitalize is a useful ability, but with a CD of 3, it can't be used very often. Parting Gift and Wisdom don't hurt, but aren't generally that great. They do, however, synergize well with marsh song.

She might find a slot in Firk-themed decks, but in any others, there's really no reason to run her over better options. If you're looking for AP gen and/or healing, Boghopper Shaman is a far better option. However she has some use in a spell-heavy BG, as you can reduce cooldowns a lot with her. Not even worth running there unfortunately.

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