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If this unit is Flying, it has +2 DMG and +2 DEF when attacking or being attacked by a unit without Flying.



Aerial Supremacy came out when the LE Angels (such as Angel of War) were released after the Ancient Awakenings


When fighting champions with this ability, if you have an attack that grounds such as that of a Skeezick Netter or a unit with a special attack like Web, be sure to use that attack first to lower the target's defense and thus make the attacks of all of your other units deal more damage.

Champions with Aerial Supremacy
Angel of Chaos (Upgrade)
Angel of Death (Upgrade)
Angel of Nourishment (Upgrade)
Angel of Pain (Upgrade)
Angel of Perseverance (Upgrade)
Angel of Protection (Upgrade)
Angel of Restoration (Upgrade)
Angel of War (Upgrade)
Archangel of Al'Mara
Jakei Wingmaster (Upgrade)
Thirion (Upgrade)
Voil Sky Captain (Upgrade)
Angel of War (Upgrade)